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Welcome to SunCoast Airlines. Are you ready to have The Freedom to Soar?
We know you're ready to get down to business and fly, but first things first. The topics discussed below are very important and it's mandatory that you read this page.
TeamSpeak and Multiplayer-
Now that you're a member, you may log onto TeamSpeak under your SunCoast ID and fly on the multiplayer session. Both IPs for TeamSpeak and Multiplayer are FSTG.HOPTO.ORG
Routers and Firewalls-
To fly in the multiplayer session, you must have your router and/or firewall(s) configured properly. Not doing so could result in suspension of your SunCoast account, or being banned from the sever. If you need help doing so, click here
You must follow all SunCoast rules as well as the FSTop Gun rules when you are on the server. You may find a copy of our rules on the website, and the FS Top Gun Rules by clicking here
FS Passengers Configuration-
This is a big one, so you may want to write this one downwinking.
  • You must first create a new company with the name SunCoast Airlines
  • Founded By: Your Name
  • Prefix/ Custom flight number: Optional
  • Custom settings instead of Scenario settings
  • Economic mode must be set
  • Air cash beginning at 300,000,000
  • No fleet income
  • No career mode
  • No instant record of flight
(If you need further help with this, feel free to contact the CEO)

Exporting flights to website-
With SunCoast Airlines, you can log each FSPassengers flight once you've landed. First you must download a configuration file to put in your FS Passengers folder. Once you've downloaded the file, you must place it in your
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\FsPassengers\config_va\  folder.

click here to download file

Your First Plane-
Now that you've completed all of that, it's time to reward yourself and get your first SunCoast Airplane! To get to the Download Center, Click Here
Username: suncoastairlines
Password: fstopgun

Thats it! Once you've done the following you may log onto TeamSpeak under your SunCoast ID (TeamSpeak IP: FSTG.HOPTO.ORG) and receive your first SunCoast plane. Congratulations!

SunCoast Airlines, The Freedom to Soar